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What some of our Past Puppy Parents say .....

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"Dallas is doing great! I love her!!! She is eating and drinking well. She loves cuddling right up to me all the time."

      - Ashley (Dallas)

Oh her little personality and spunk have come out and we love it!! She’s still super calm most of the time, but she will get the zoomies and use her voice and it’s just precious. We all are in love with her.

     - Wendy (Lily)

Yesterday I worked all day and was prepared to come home and have to clean out Betty’s kennel….but NO!! It was still clean and I couldn’t believe it!! I took her straight out but all she wanted to do was jump for loves!!! Sweet girl has a bladder the size of a watermelon!!

Betty Sue has warmed up and we had the sweetest cuddle time last night and that girl can saw some logs. Needless to say, Betty Sue is settling right in and we’ve created that special bond I’ve been waiting for.

     -Felissa (Betty Sue)

Update on Jude he is still doing so so good! He is officially super spoiled and gets everything he wants his last vet visit was last week and everything still looked great. Vet was pleased and said he’s a healthy boy. He’s grown to almost 12lbs, so Lennon is finally letting him walk because she says he’s “too heavy”. He loves going on walks around the neighborhood now, and he’s really doing great on his leash.

      -Raegan (Jude)

"She is right at home. We are in love. You have brilliant babies, mine is a genius. You are the best breeder ever, and I would buy another from you."

"She is nothing less than perfect. She really is ten times what I expected."

"She is the sweetest thing."

        -Mary (French Fry, Feta Cheese, & Ketchup)

She's growing like a weed. We think she is so beautiful. Her personality is the best. We love her."

         - Tonya (Paisley)

"We had a great first night and Day. I’m obsessed. He’s only had 1 accident! Yay!" 

       -Brandi  (Kevin)

"I have already spoiled them way too much. They're soo bad, but in a good way lol!"

          -Tate (Mavis & Tank)

"I think he’s happy...nearly smiling! He is the best little buddy!!"

        - Hollie (Titus)

"I can't tell you how much in LOVE we are!"

        -Trish (GiGi)

"He is my little shadow. I wouldn't have it any other way. I adore his cuddles. He is our precious.

       - Mirya (Milo)

"Francis is captivating and quite the character with a very loving personality. I love him more with each day's passing and he brightens my days immeasurably!"

    - Nancy (Francis)

"I didn’t expect to love her so much!"

"God knew I needed a good dog haha. She’s just sooo smart!"

      -Dodie  (Pember)

"Thank you so much. We sure love our Phoebe!"

       - Elizabeth (Phoebe)

"Thank you so much for our BEAUTIFUL baby girl! We are already in love with her."

         - Carol (Belle)

"She is doing well. She is the sweetest! You bred an awesome girl."

         - Penny (Dorie)

"He’s a sweet boy we are very much in love!"

         - Julia (Larry)

" She’s fitting in great and already really spoiled."

       - Jonathan

             (French Fry-Mia)

"Thank you! He's a sweet heart! He's so adorable. He's so lazy, lol."

        - Victoria & Chris                               (Oliver)

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