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What some of our Past Puppy Parents say .....

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"She is right at home. We are in love. You have brilliant babies, mine is a genius. You are the best breeder ever, and I would buy another from you."

"She is nothing less than perfect. She really is ten times what I expected."

"She is the sweetest thing."

        -Mary (French Fry, Feta Cheese, & Ketchup)

She's growing like a weed. We think she is so beautiful. Her personality is the best. We love her."

         - Tonya (Paisley)

"We had a great first night and Day. I’m obsessed. He’s only had 1 accident! Yay!" 

       -Brandi  (Kevin)

"I have already spoiled them way too much. They're soo bad, but in a good way lol!"

          -Tate (Mavis & Tank)

"I think he’s happy...nearly smiling! He is the best little buddy!!"

        - Hollie (Titus)

"I can't tell you how much in LOVE we are!"

        -Trish (GiGi)

"He is my little shadow. I wouldn't have it any other way. I adore his cuddles. He is our precious.

       - Mirya (Milo)

"Dallas is doing great! I love her!!! She is eating and drinking well. She loves cuddling right up to me all the time."

      - Ashley (Dallas)

"Francis is captivating and quite the character with a very loving personality. I love him more with each day's passing and he brightens my days immeasurably!"

    - Nancy (Francis)

"I didn’t expect to love her so much!"

"God knew I needed a good dog haha. She’s just sooo smart!"

      -Dodie  (Pember)

"Thank you so much. We sure love our Phoebe!"

       - Elizabeth (Phoebe)

"Thank you so much for our BEAUTIFUL baby girl! We are already in love with her."

         - Carol (Belle)

"She is doing well. She is the sweetest! You bred an awesome girl."

         - Penny (Dorie)

"He’s a sweet boy we are very much in love!"

         - Julia (Larry)

" She’s fitting in great and already really spoiled."

       - Jonathan

             (French Fry-Mia)

"Thank you! He's a sweet heart! He's so adorable. He's so lazy, lol."

        - Victoria & Chris                               (Oliver)

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